brain tumor… wtf?

January 11, 2010

So it’s been pretty easy to find my first rant of 2010.  Brain tumors.

Okay, so I’m not talking about normal, ordinary people who get struck down by Fate spinning her roulette wheel of life (“hmm… life going great/good family/kids/fabbo job?  Well, let’s see how you like THIS!”)  No, I mean using a brain tumor as a plot device within a TV series.  Trying to cut an actor from a series?  Give him an aneurysm a la Dr Green in ER.  Want to evoke sympathy for an unsympathetic character?  Brain tumor (Addison’s brother in Private Practice).  Oh, and my all-time favorite – explaining dumb-ass hallucinations.  House.  Grey’s Anatomy.  And… BONES.   Yes, indeed.  W.  T.  F!!!!!!

Was watching Season 4 of said Bones last night on DVD.  Deliberately buy the DVDS, refuse to watch it on commercial TV.  So I’m wondering how on earth they’re going to end it and yeah (spoiler alert!)  Booth’s been having hallucinations (admittedly when he conjoured up Stewie from Family Guy it tickled my very-tiny funny bone).  And so he wakes from a pretty-lame dream sequence episode to stare at Brennan and say “who are you?”

Ta-dum.   Not only lame brain-tumor-plot-device, but lame-half-assed cliffhanger.  And MAJOR lame-ass “look, we can put Brennan and Booth KISSING in our episode promo and those suckers- er, viewers will think they’ve finally gotten together!”  episode.  Almost as annoying as the Season 3 cliffhanger where Zac is outed as the assistant to a flesh-eating secret society member serial killer.


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